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Decodable + "pricing"

Decodable Pricing


Decodable refers to something that can be converted or translated from one form or representation into another. In the context of computer science, decodable may refer to data or a message that can be translated from a coded or encrypted form into a readable or understandable form.Decodable may also be used to describe something that can be understood or interpreted, such as a message or text that is written in a clear and concise manner. For example, a decodable text might be one that is easy to read and understand, without the use of jargon or technical language.In the field of education, decodable texts are often used to teach reading skills to young children or learners of a new language. These texts are designed to be simple and straightforward, using a limited set of words and grammar rules, so that learners can focus on decoding the words and developing their reading skills.







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